Adjunct Professors

Team List

Name Division Function Tel Email
Alexander Timothy John AQUA Post-doc 3057 email
Antunes Diogo BEHAV PhD student 9158 email
Archambeault Sophie EVOL Post-doc 3020 email
Arduini Lorenzo BEHAV PhD email
Arlettaz Raphaël CB Head of Division 3161 email
Auchli Nicolas Philippe AQUA BSc student email
Banderet Anna Lena AQUA BSc student 4571 email
Barras Arnaud Gian CB PhD student email
Bärtschi Luis EVOL MSc student 3025 email
Berthier Pierre IEE CIO, Safety Officer 3982 email
Binggeli Anaïs CB MSc student email
Biollaz François CB Field technician email
Biondo Monica SYN PhD student email
Blumenstein Claudia CB MSc student email
Bonfils Danielle EVOL Scientific staff 3025 email
Böni Tobias Peter CMPG BSc student email
Bosco Laura CB PhD student email
Bosshard Lars CMPG PhD student 3036 email
Braunisch Veronika CB Post-doc 3163 email
Brodersen Jakob AQUA Group leader Eawag email
Carannante Deborah CB MSc student email
Cruz Dávalos Diana Ivette CMPG MSc student 3028 email
De-Kayne Rishi AQUA PhD student email
Dermond Philip Oliver AQUA PhD student email
Dönz Carmela Jeanne AQUA PhD student 4571 email
Durrer Loris Aerny BEHAV MSc Student email
Engelhardt Sacha BEHAV Post-Doc email
Ettlin Sarah CB MSc student email
Excoffier Laurent CMPG Head of Division 3031 email
Fark Sarya AQUA MSc student 4571 email
Feddern Nina SYN PhD student 3035 email
Felber Marco Jakob EVOL BSc student 3025 email
Feller Anna AQUA PhD student 4571 email
Fenestraz Astrance Orchis CB MSc student email
Feulner Philine AQUA Group leader Eawag email
Frei David AQUA MSc student email
Frommen Joachim BEHAV Post-doc 9162 email
Ganser  Dominik SYN PhD student 4525 email
Garcia Ruiz Irene BEHAV PhD email
Genoud Michel CB Associated lecturer email
Giavi Simone SYN PhD student 4524 email
Gilbert Kimberly CMPG Post-doc 4513 email
Giot Daniel IEE Housekeeper 3030 email
Gloor Daniel SYN Technical assistant email
Gobbin Tiziana AQUA PhD student email
Gouy Alexandre CMPG PhD student 3028 email
Groenewoud Frank BEHAV PhD student 9160 email
Gygax Michelle BEHAV BSc student email
Hartmann Anick SYN MSc student 4522 email
Häsler Marcel AQUA Scientific staff 3016 email
Heckel Gerald CMPG Group leader 3029 email
Hertwig Stefan AQUA Associated lecturer email
Hiltbrunner Melanie EVOL Technician 3019 email
Holenstein Susanne SYN Office manager 4511 email
Humbert Jean-Yves CB Post-doc 3173 email
Jacot Alain CB Post-doc 3163 email
Jemmi Eliane Inessa AQUA BSc student email
Jochum Adrienne SYN Associated scientist email
Josephson Matthew EVOL Post-doc 3021 email
Josi Dario BEHAV PhD student 9134 email
Junker Julian AQUA PhD student email
Kettler Nina Kaya BEHAV MSc Student email
Klaus Elisabeth CB MSc student email
Klein Noëlle CB MSc student email
Klopfstein Seraina SYN Group leader email
Knop Eva SYN Group leader 4539 email
Koua Dominique SYN Post-doc 4532 email
Krähenbühl Andrin Kevin AQUA MSc student email
Kropf Christian SYN Group leader email
Kuhn-Nentwig Lucia SYN Group leader 4532 email
Kurtogullari Yasemin CB Field technician email
La Loggia Océane BEHAV Guest Student email
Labutin Anton CMPG PhD student 3032 email
Langenegger Nicolas SYN PhD student 4532 email
Law Mikki AQUA MSc student email
Leiser Claudia BEHAV Office Manager 9111 email
Lochmatter Alessandra SYN MSc student 4523 email
Malaspinas Anna-Sapfo CMPG ERC Assistant Professor 3036 email
Marcacci Gabriel CB MSc student email
Marchi Nina CMPG Post-doc 3036 email
Margalida Antoni CB Associated senior scientist email
Marques David Alexander AQUA Post-doc 3016 email
Marti Sophie CB MSc student email
Maurer Corina CB MSc student email
Mazenauer Julien CB MSc student email
Meier Joana AQUA Post-doc 3016 email
Melián Penate Carlos Javier AQUA Group leader Eawag email
Menz Myles SYN Group leader 3041 email
Mettaz Stéphane CB Field technician email
Milgalter Ron CB PhD student email
Moser Marcel IEE Computer technician 3040 email
Müller Claudio AQUA MSc student email
Muschick Moritz AQUA Post-doc email
Naef Jan BEHAV PhD student 9155 email
Nentwig Wolfgang SYN Head of Division 4520 email
Nuotclà Jon Andreja BEHAV PhD student 3015 email
Oesch-Fahrni Therese CB Office manager 3009 email
Ogi Vera AQUA BSc student email
Paulsson Niklas BEHAV PhD student email
Peichel Catherine (Katie) EVOL Head of Division 3022 email
Pilati Marco CB MSc student email
Plucain Jessica CMPG Post-doc 3036 email
Pouyet Fanny CMPG Post-doc 4513 email
Rechsteiner Joana Lona Elisa CMPG BSc student email
Rennison Diana EVOL Post-doc 3020 email
Resano Mayor Jaime CB Post-doc email
Retel Cas AQUA PhD student email
Reyes Contreras Maria Isabel BEHAV MSc student 9154 email
Richner Heinz IEE Emeritus email
Rime Yann CB MSc student email
Rohr Sarah CB BSc student email
Roth Roman CB MSc student email
Roth Olivier CB Scientific staff 3423 email
Rüber Lukas AQUA Associated lecturer email
Saladin Verena EVOL Scientific staff 3025 email
Schaub Michael CB Associated lecturer email
Schmidt Benedikt CB Associated lecturer email
Schnidrig Guy-Alain CMPG BSc student email
Schranz Beatrice CB MSc student email
Schütz Dolores BEHAV Post-Doc 9162 email
Seehausen Ole AQUA Head of Division 3131 email
Slodowicz Daniel CB PhD student email
Spasojevic Tamara SYN PhD student email
Sperlich Nicola AQUA BSc student email
Stettler Pia Regula BEHAV BSc Student email
Strauss Alexander SYN Technician 4518 email
Taborsky Michael BEHAV Head of Division 9156 email
Taborsky Barbara BEHAV Prof./Mag./Dr. 9157 email
Tang Qindong CMPG PhD Student 3038 email
Tellenbach Susanne CMPG Technician 3038 email
Terry Pamela SYN MSc student 3035 email
Thiéry Alexandre CMPG Bioinformatician 4549 email
Thoma Marco SYN PhD student 4522 email
Tièche Elie Pascolo CMPG BSc student email
Vignali Sergio CB PhD student email
Watve Mukta BEHAV PhD student 9158 email
Weinrich Maria CB MSc student email
Wymann Markus BEHAV Caretaker 0264 email
Zingg Silvia CB PhD student 3164 email
Zuellig Matthew Paul EVOL Post-doc 3019 email
Zwygart Evi BEHAV Tierpflegerin tech. Betreuung 9115 email