Lecture Series in Evolutionary Ecology and Behavioural Ecology

Seminar Location

Fall Semester: Haller Auditorium, Baltzerstrasse 1
Spring Semester: Studer Auditorium, Baltzerstrasse 3

Seminar Schedule

Wednesday, 16:15, weekly


BE = Behavioural Ecology Lab
EE = Evolutionary Ecology Lab

Protocol Instructions
Spring Semester 2019
Group Date Speaker Title
BE 20.02.19

Dr. Josh Van Buskirk

University of Zürich


Adaptation and maladaptation on an elevational gradient
EE 27.02.19 Dr. Matthew Barbour

University of Zürich


From genes to food webs and back again

Supporting literature: Barbour 1.pdf (PDF, 1.3 MB), Barbour 2.pdf (PDF, 4.0 MB)

EE 06.03.19 Dr. Dan Jeffries

University of Lausanne


Rapid, non random transitions among the sex chromosomes of true frogs

Supporting literature: Jeffries 1.pdf (PDF, 118KB), Jeffries 2.pdf (PDF, 1.1 MB), Jeffries 3.pdf (PDF, 1.1 MB)

BE 13.03.19 Dr. François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont

University of Dijon


Compatibility and emotional bound between partners in a monogamous fish species

Supporting literature: Dechaume-Moncharmont_1 (PDF, 501KB); Dechaume-Moncharmont_2 (PDF, 402KB)

BE 20.03.19 Prof. Claus Wedekind

University of Lausanne


MHC-dependent reproductive strategies in horses (and humans)

Supporting literature: Wedekind_1 (PDF, 762KB), Wedekind_2 (PDF, 676KB), Wedekind_3 (PDF, 1.4 MB)

EE 27.03.19 Prof. Andrew MacColl

University of Nottingham


Intra- and intercontinental adaptation in radiations of three-spined stickleback
EE 03.04.19 Dr. Brian Hollis

University of Lausanne


Sexual selection and sexual conflict in experimentally-evolving populations of Drosophila melanogaster

Supporting literature: Hollis 1.pdf (PDF, 267KB), Hollis 2.pdf (PDF, 888KB)

BE 10.04.19 Dr. Matt Josephson

University of Bern


Understanding genetics of adaptation using genome engineering in stickleback

Supporting literature: Doudna Charpentier.pdf (PDF, 1.4 MB), Bono et al.pdf (PDF, 973KB)

17.04.19 Prof. Judith Korb

University of Freiburg


How and why do termite queens live so long?

Supporting literature: Korb 1.pdf (PDF, 1.1 MB), Korb 2.pdf (PDF, 348KB), Korb 3.pdf (PDF, 860KB)


01.05.19 Prof. Ton Groothuis

University of Groningen


Hormone mediated parental effects; the neglected role of the male and embryo

Supporting literature: Groothuis et al (PDF, 327KB) Kumar et al (PDF, 634KB)

BE 08.05.19 Dr. Bram Kuijper

University of Exeter


Plasticity and parental effects in coevolving populations

Supporting literature: Kuijper_1 (PDF, 359KB)

EE 15.05.19 Prof. Trisha Wittkopp

University of Michigan


Development and evolution of Drosophila pigmentation
EE 22.05.19 Dr. Alex Suh

Uppsala University


Evolution and sex-specific and tissue-specific chromosomes in birds

Supporting literature: Suh 1.pdf (PDF, 592KB), Suh 2.pdf (PDF, 2.2 MB)

BE 29.05.19 Prof. Sonia Kleindorfer

University of Vienna


Vocal performance in birds shaped by in-nest experience

 Supporting literature: Kleindorfer et al (PDF, 496KB) Colombelli-Negrel 1 (PDF, 770KB) Colombelli-Negrel 2.pdf (PDF, 284KB)

Fall Semester 2018
Group Date Speaker Title
BE 19.09.18
Dr. Bart Kranstauber
University of Zurich
Analysing animal movement in the environment

Supporting literature: Kranstauber_1.pdf (PDF, 4.7 MB), Kranstauber_2.pdf (PDF, 4.4 MB)

EE 26.09.18 Dr. Jessica Stapley

ETH Zurich


Ecological and genetic divergence in a colour polymorphic anolis lizard

Supporting literature: Stapley 1.pdf (PDF, 1.1 MB), Stapley 2.pdf (PDF, 2.2 MB), Stapley 3.pdf (PDF, 601KB)

BE 03.10.18 Dr. Wendt Müller

University of Antwerp


Family business – from daily decisions to coordinated parental investment

Supporting literature: Wendt_1.pdf (PDF, 691KB), Wendt_2.pdf (PDF, 260KB)

10.10.18 Dr. Simon Hart

ETH Zürich


The ecological and evolutionary effects of intraspecific variation on species coexistence

Supporting literature: Hart 1.pdf (PDF, 480KB), Hart 2.pdf (PDF, 717KB)

BE 17.10.18 Prof. Sylvia Cremer

Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Social immunity: protecting the colony from disease

Supporting literature: Cremer_1.pdf (PDF, 5.4 MB), Cremer_2.pdf (PDF, 623KB), Cremer_3.pdf (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Prof. Simon Verhulst

University of Gröningen


Telomeres and life histories


Supporting literature: Verhulst_1.pdf (PDF, 433KB), Verhulst_2.pdf (PDF, 1.4 MB)

BE 31.10.18 Dr. Damien Farine

Max Planck Institute for Ornithologz and Universitz of Konstanz

Simple rules and complex consequences in animal societies


Supporting literature: Farine_1.pdf (PDF, 1.1 MB), Farine_2.pdf (PDF, 280KB), Farine_3.pdf (PDF, 6.2 MB)

BE 07.11.18

Prof. Mark Briffa

University of Plymouth
The role of skill in animal contests – an overlooked component of fighting ability (RHP)?

Supporting literature: Briffa_1.pdf (PDF, 658KB), Briffa_2.pdf (PDF, 335KB), Briffa_3.pdf (PDF, 365KB)

14.11.18 Dr. Richard Merrill

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


The genetics of ecological speciation in tropical butterflies
21.11.18 Dr. Katja Rasanen



Multifarious adaptation to environmental change - a frog's eye view

Supporting literature: Rasanen 1.pdf (PDF, 66KB), Rasanen 2.pdf (PDF, 1.0 MB)

BE 28.11.18
Prof. Jeremy Field
University of Exeter
Detecting intraspecific cuckoos: mechanisms and constraints


Supporting literature: Field_1.pdf (PDF, 1.0 MB), Field_2.pdf (PDF, 193KB), Field_3.pdf (PDF, 110KB)

EE 05.12.18 Dr. Alex Jordan

Max Planck Institute for Collective Behaviour


Through a glass darkly - what we can and cannot know about the behaviour of animals, and how machines might help

Supporting literature: Jordan 1.pdf (PDF, 879KB)

EE 12.12.18 Dr. Rongfeng (Ray) Cui

Max Planck Institute for Aging


Learned mate preferences and its effects on reproductive isolation
EE 19.12.18 Dr. Maude Baldwin

Max Planck Institute for Ornithology


Evolution of avian taste perception: causes and consequences of diet shifts

Supporting literature: Baldwin 1.pdf (PDF, 4.6 MB), Baldwin 2.pdf (PDF, 239KB)


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