Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Lecture Series in Ecology and Evolution

Past Speakers 2017

Spring Semester 2017
Date Speaker Title
21.02.2017 Prof. Matthias Erb, IPS Secondary Metabolites as Determinants of Plant-Herbivore Interactions
Organiser: Prof. Dr. M. Taborsky
28.02.2017 PD Dr. Jörg Romeis, Agroscope Assessing the environmental risk of insect-resistant transgenic plants
Organiser: Prof. Dr. W. Nentwig
07.03.2017 Dr. Jeff Pettis, Institute of Bee Health, University of Bern Effects of climate change on pollinator health and survival
Organiser: Prof. Dr. P. Neumann
14.03.2017 Aoife McLysaght, Trinity College Dublin Dosage sensitive genes in evolution and disease
Organiser: IEE junior staff
21.03.2017 Prof. Catherine Graham , WSL Linking patterns and processes across scales: a case study with Neotropical Hummingbirds
Organiser: IEE junior staff
28.03.2017 Prof. Judith Mank, University College London The genetic causes and consequences of sexual selection
Organiser: IEE junior staff
04.04.2017 Prof. Patrizia d'Ettorre , Université Paris XIII Recognition of identity and cognitive abilities in ants
Organiser: IEE junior staff
11.04.2017 Dr. Ben Woodcock, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford, UK Managing bees in agriculture: Providing pollination in a hostile environment
Organiser: IEE junior staff
25.04.2017 Prof. Regina Lindborg, Stockholm University Multifunctional landscapes - managing for biodiversity in semi-natural grassland systems
Organiser: Prof. Dr. R. Arlettaz
02.05.2017 Prof. Richard Durbin, Sanger Institute, Cambridge UK Inference of evolutionary history from whole genome sequences
Organiser: Prof. Dr. Laurent Excoffier
09.05.2017 Dr. Julian Glos, Universität Hamburg Loss of functional diversity in amphibians of Madagascar
Organiser: Dr. Stefan Hertwig
16.05.2017 Dr. Carole Smadja, Universität Montpellier Speciation as a question of smell and taste: genomics of reproductive isolation in mice and aphids
Organiser: IEE junior staff
23.05.2017 Dr. Colin Fontaine, Centre d’Ecologie et des Sciences de la Conservation, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris Citizen science and the temporal dynamic of natural communities
Organiser: Prof. Dr. W. Nentwig
30.05.2017 Exam