Lecture Series in Ecology and Evolution

Seminar Location

Haller Auditorium

Seminar Schedule

Tuesday, 16:15


Autumn Semester 2022
Date Speaker Title
20.09.2022 Prof. Daniel Blumstein, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Insights from an emergent view of sociality
Organiser: Prof. Dr. E. Ringler
27.09.2022 Dr. Anne-Claire Fabre, NMBE Development as a driver or a brake of morphological diversity?
Organiser: Dr. S. Hertwig (NMBE)
04.10.2022 Prof. Matt Walsh, University of Texas at Arlington Environmental signals, phenotypic plasticity, and evolutionary change: insights from killifish and waterfleas
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
11.10.2022 Dr Esther Sebastián-González, University of Alicante Composition and structure of vertebrate scavenger assemblages in the Anthropocene
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. S. Vignali)
18.10.2022 Dr. Nina Marchi, IEE Reconstructing human history with palaeogenomics
Organiser: Prof. Dr. L. Excoffier
25.10.2022 Dr. Helen Alexander, University of Edinburgh Roles of demographic stochasticity and ecology in the emergence of drug resistance
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Bank
01.11.2022 Volz Award Best MSc thesis: Annika Freudiger / Best PhD thesis: Zuyao Liu
08.11.2022 Prof. Andreas Wagner, University of Zürich A highly rugged yet easily navigable adaptive landscape of antibiotic resistance
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. L. Marrec)
15.11.2022 Dr. Amanda Madeleine Seed, University of St. Andrews Evaluating cognitive control in chimpanzees and children – a psychometric approach ***ZOOM presentation only***
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. B. Szabo)
22.11.2022 Prof. Dr. Jan van der Meer, University of Lausanne Culturing and managing complex soil microbiomes
Organiser: Prof. Dr. M. P. Thakur
29.11.2022 Prof. Brian Langerhans, North Carolina State University Predictability and parallelism of multi-trait adaptation and speciation
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. M. Rösti)
06.12.2022 Prof. Alison Bennett, The Ohio State University Soil, plant, and insect microbiomes: Influence and interactions ***ZOOM presentation only***
Organiser: IEE junior staff (S. Sanders)
13.12.2022 Dr. Stefano Canessa, IEE Making rational decisions in biodiversity conservation
Organiser: Prof. Dr. R. Arlettaz
20.12.2022 Exam

Spring Semester 2023
Date Speaker Title
21.02.2023 Dr. Chloé William Schmidt, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)
Organiser: Prof. Dr. O. Seehausen
28.02.2023 -
07.03.2023 Dr. Ian Ausprey, IEE
Organiser: Prof. Dr. R. Arlettaz
14.03.2023 Prof. Dr. Carston Rahbek, Center for Macroecology, Evolution, and Climate, University of Copenhagen
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. S. Vignali)
21.03.2023 Prof. Elena Conti, University of Zürich
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
28.03.2023 Dr. Karoline Faust, UK Leuven
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. L. Marrec)
04.04.2023 Prof. Dr. Martin Gossner, Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL
Organiser: Prof. Dr. R. Arlettaz
18.04.2023 Dr. Anita Risch, WSL
Organiser: Prof. Dr. Madhav P. Thakur
25.04.2023 Dr. David McLeod, IEE
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Bank
02.05.2023 -
09.05.2023 -
16.05.2023 Prof. Marta Manser, Universität Zürich
Organiser: Prof. Dr. E. Ringler
23.05.2023 -
30.05.2023 Exam


The semester exam (open-book, 45 minutes) of this lecture series covers the lectures given in this semester. At the exam you will receive three themes corresponding to three talks given in this semester and you will be asked to choose one.

State for this selected theme the three results or statements that you judge as being most important.
You are encouraged to supplement your explanation by graphs or tables, if appropriate, and to describe and value the applied methodology. Critique would be welcome, if you were not entirely happy with methods or interpretation.

Most importantly, you should justify your judgements with arguments – this is what will be evaluated by the examiners, not your selection of what you found most important. Please discuss only issues that were presented in the respective talks, and not related issues that you know from other sources. Please be concise and aim to condense your text to one page.


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