Lecture Series in Ecology and Evolution

Seminar Location

Haller Auditorium

Seminar Schedule

Tuesday, 16:15


Please register on the following link to participate in person to the IEE seminars.

Registration list

Note that we must restrict the number of people attending this seminar in person to 20 in the Haller auditorium. Selection of people will be done on a first come first serve basis according to the registration list. The list of accepted people will then be communicated on the Monday before each seminar to all IEE members and all registered people on Ilias for the course.

Note also that registered people must agree to really attend the seminar to guarantee the speakers to have a normal audience.


Autumn Semester 2020
Date Speaker Title
15.09.2020 Prof. Dr. Klaus Zuberbühler, Institute of Biology, University of Neuchatel The primate roots of grammar
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. S. Engelhardt)
22.09.2020 Dr. Noémie Becker, LMU München Genomics and evolution of one of the Lyme disease agents: Borrelia bavariensis ***Zoom presentation only***
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. N. Marchi)
29.09.2020 Prof. Dr. Yvonne Willi, Universität Basel Causes of geographic range limits in an herbaceous plant
Organiser: Prof. Dr. L. Excoffier
06.10.2020 Dr. Manuel Ruedi, Muséum d'histoire naturelle, Genève Tracking the origins of the cosmopolitan genus Myotis : convergent evolution of an old success-story
Organiser: Prof. Dr. R. Arlettaz
13.10.2020 Prof. Dr. Eva Ringler, IEE, University of Bern Reproductive ecology of tropical amphibians
Organiser: Prof. Dr. L. Excoffier
20.10.2020 Prof. Dr. Madhav P. Thakur, IEE, University of Bern Terrestrial ecology in an extreme world
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
27.10.2020 Prof. Dr. Kristy Deiner, ETH Zurich Global measure of biodiversity by understanding biogeochemical cycling of environmental DNA in lakes
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. M. Muschick)
03.11.2020 Prof. Dr. Craig Primmer, University of Helsinki The genetic basis of age at maturity in Atlantic salmon: from GWAS to function, ecology, and conservation
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. M. Rösti)
10.11.2020 Prof. Dr. Claudia Bank, IEE, University of Bern Fitness landscapes and the predictability of evolution
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
17.11.2020 Dr. Kamran Safi, University of Konstanz 4 years of GPS tagging of juvenile Golden Eagles in the alps: a preliminary glance into a long term and high resolution life tracking study
Organiser: IEE junior staff (A. Barras)
24.11.2020 Dr. Hanna ten Brink, EAWAG The causes and consequences of ontogenetic niche shifts on eco-evolutionary dynamics
Organiser: Prof. Dr. O. Seehausen
01.12.2020 Prof. Dr. Hanna Kokko, University of Zurich Can theoreticians complete a (scientific) puzzle?
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
08.12.2020 Volz Awards Best MSc thesis: Maria Isabel Reyes Contreras / Best PhD thesis: Cas Retel
15.12.2020 Exam

Spring Semester 2021
Date Speaker Title
23.02.2021 Prof. Dr. Tamas Szekely, University of Bath Sex ratios and the evolution of breeding systems
Organiser: Prof. Dr. E. Ringler
02.03.2021 Prof. Dr. Matthias Rillig, Freie Universität Berlin Microplastic in terrestrial ecosystems
Organiser: Prof. Dr. M. Thakur
09.03.2021 -, - -
Organiser: IEE junior staff
16.03.2021 Prof. Dr. Helmut Hillebrand, Carl-von-Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg On recovery and thresholds - how synthesis efforts can foster our understanding of ecological stability
Organiser: IEE junior staff (G. Martinez de Leon)
23.03.2021 Dr. Claudio Quilodrán, University of Oxford Eco-evolutionary models shed light on the impact of hybridization on biodiversity
Organiser: Prof. Dr. R. Arlettaz
30.03.2021 Dr. Xiang-Yi Li, Institute of Biology, University of Neuchâtel Towards a more biologically informed evolutionary game theory
Organiser: Prof. Dr. L. Excoffier
13.04.2021 Prof. Dr. Anna-Liisa Laine, Universität Zürich
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
20.04.2021 Prof. Dr. Johanna Mappes, University of Jyväskylä 150 years after Alfred Russel Wallace: Is there still something new we can learn about natural selection when studying the colours of animals?
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. Birgit Szabo)
27.04.2021 Prof. Dr. Andrew Hendry, McGill University, Montreal Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics In The Wild
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. M. Rösti)
04.05.2021 Dr. James Pearce-Higgins, University of Cambridge and British Trust of Ornithology
Organiser: Prof. Dr. R. Arlettaz
11.05.2021 Prof. Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, University of Cape Town
Organiser: Prof. Dr. O. Seehausen
12.05.2021 Dr. Johannes Larsch, Max-Planck-Institut für Neurobiologie TBA
Organiser: Prof. Dr. Katie Peichel
18.05.2021 Dr. Robert Mcdonald, The Nature Conservancy, Arlington The promise and pitfalls of using nature to help cities adapt
Organiser: Prof. Dr. R. Arlettaz
25.05.2021 Prof. Sara Mitri, University of Lausanne
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Bank
01.06.2021 Exam


The semester exam (open-book, 45 minutes) of this lecture series covers the lectures given in this semester. At the exam you will receive three themes corresponding to three talks given in this semester and you will be asked to choose one.

State for this selected theme the three results or statements that you judge as being most important.
You are encouraged to supplement your explanation by graphs or tables, if appropriate, and to describe and value the applied methodology. Critique would be welcome, if you were not entirely happy with methods or interpretation.

Most importantly, you should justify your judgements with arguments – this is what will be evaluated by the examiners, not your selection of what you found most important. Please discuss only issues that were presented in the respective talks, and not related issues that you know from other sources. Please be concise and aim to condense your text to one page.