Lecture Series in Ecology and Evolution


Autumn Semester 2023
Date Speaker Title
19.09.2023 Dr. Ronald Bonett, University of Tulsa The Causes and Consequences of Life Cycle Evolution in Salamanders
Organiser: Prof. Dr. A.-C. Fabre
26.09.2023 Dr. Sonia Cristina, Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA) at the University of Algarve Satellite Earth Observation: Applications in Coastal Areas using Optical Sensors
Organiser: Prof. Dr. M. Owuor
03.10.2023 Prof. Janet Buckner, University of Texas, Arlington Phylogenomics and Diversification of Waterfowl (Anseriformes)
Organiser: Prof. Dr. O. Seehausen
10.10.2023 Dr Dina in't Zandt, Radboud University The fundamentals of microbial networks: stable systems and impacts of global change
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Y. Sun)
17.10.2023 Prof. Andrea Sweigart, University of Georgia Postzygotic barriers and the origin of species: lessons from Mimulus
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Bank
24.10.2023 Prof. Lukas Keller, University of Zurich Genetic load in the age of genomics
Organiser: Prof. Dr. L. Excoffier
31.10.2023 Prof. Dr. Xiang-Yi Li Richter , IEE Microbial Games and Collective Behaviour
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
07.11.2023 Prof. Dr. Teppo Hiltunen, University of Turku, Finland Using synthetic microbial communities to study eco-evolutionary dynamics
Organiser: Prof. Dr. M. P. Thakur
14.11.2023 Dr. Magnus Nordborg, Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
21.11.2023 Dr. Katerina Sam, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. I. Ausprey)
28.11.2023 Dr. Thomas Lenormand, Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (CEFE)
Organiser: IEE junior staff (L. Hablützel)
05.12.2023 Prof. Dr. Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas, Department of Computational Biology, University of Lausanne
Organiser: IEE junior staff (F. Schlichta)
12.12.2023 Prof. Stefan Lüpold, University of Zürich
Organiser: Prof. Dr. E. Ringler
19.12.2023 Exam


Spring Semester 2024
Date Speaker Title
20.02.2024 -
27.02.2024 -
05.03.2024 -
12.03.2024 -
19.03.2024 -
26.03.2024 -
09.04.2024 -
16.04.2024 -
23.04.2024 -
30.04.2024 -
07.05.2024 -
14.05.2024 Prof. Frank Rheindt, National University of Singapur
Organiser: Dr. M. Schweizer (NMBE)
21.05.2024 -
28.05.2024 Exam


The semester exam (open-book, 45 minutes) of this lecture series covers the lectures given in this semester. At the exam you will receive three themes corresponding to three talks given in this semester and you will be asked to choose one.

State for this selected theme the three results or statements that you judge as being most important.
You are encouraged to supplement your explanation by graphs or tables, if appropriate, and to describe and value the applied methodology. Critique would be welcome, if you were not entirely happy with methods or interpretation.

Most importantly, you should justify your judgements with arguments – this is what will be evaluated by the examiners, not your selection of what you found most important. Please discuss only issues that were presented in the respective talks, and not related issues that you know from other sources. Please be concise and aim to condense your text to one page.