Lecture Series in Behavioral, Theoretical, and Evolutionary Biology

Seminar Schedule

Most up-to-date schedule available in this Google sheet

Seminar Description

The aim of this lecture series is to introduce students to cutting-edge original research and to train them to discuss current results and hypotheses with each other and the respective scientists. For this purpose, we invite highly reputed scientists in the fields of behavioral ecology, theoretical ecology and evolution, and evolutionary ecology to give a research seminar. Every other week, the seminars are complemented by student-led discussions of the speakers' research papers. This lecture series belongs to the list of seminars for which 3rd-year students of Ecology and Evolution can obtain compulsory ECTS points. Interested individuals from all fields and career stages are highly welcome to join and participate in the seminars and paper discussions.

Papers will be provided by the start of the semester with references or links in the schedule above and pdf copies deposited on Ilias.  

Seminar Location

All seminars and paper discussions will be held in person in the Studer Auditorium (Baltzerstrasse 3). 

Course Requirements

The successful attainment of ECTS points for participation in this course requires

regular attendance: absence during no more than 3 course dates

active participation in the discussions through questions (followed by a question protocol, see next point). Specifically, at least two questions have to be asked and protocolled either at the seminars or during the paper discussions

delivery of at least two question protocols. Each protocol should contain i) the question or comment of the student; ii) a brief summary of the talk/paper and reason for the question or comment; iii) a summary of the answer the speaker/presenter gave in the student's own words; iv) the student’s assessment of the response. Per block (see schedule below for the definition of a "block"), only one question protocol counts towards the grade; question protocols referring to the block in which the student leads the paper discussion do not count towards the grade. Protocols should be typed and not exceed one page, and they must contain a header including the speaker’s name, the title of the talk, and the student’s full name and University-Matrikelnummer. Protocol sheets should be delivered on ILIAS before the start of the next block, respectively. Late protocol sheets and hand-written protocol sheets will not be accepted.

co-leading a paper discussion; groups of up to 5 students are asked to present a paper provided by the seminar speaker and to lead the paper discussion. The presentations should last no longer than 30 minutes, with the presentation time split between all students, followed by around 30 minutes of discussion. Students can choose their presentation date/block here: https://nuudel.digitalcourage.de/bte-seminar-fs24

Students are expected to read all papers in advance of the respective block (and, especially, the discussion session) and to continually participate in the paper discussions throughout the semester.

Grades are determined based on the number and quality of question protocols, and on the quality of the paper presentation and discussion lead. Although there is no final exam, to receive a grade, students must sign up for the “exam” on KSL at least two weeks before the last date of the course.