Lecture Series in Behavioral, Theoretical, and Evolutionary Biology

Seminar Location

In Spring 2023, the seminars will be mostly held in person in the Studer Auditorium (Baltzerstrasse 3). All talks will also simultaneously be broadcast on Zoom, and the link will be provided on ILIAS and sent weekly to all students registered on ILIAS. However, unless the seminar will only be held on Zoom, in person presence is highly encouraged. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Course Requirements

For students taking this seminar for ECTS, only questions asked by students present in the seminar count towards successful attainment of ECTS credits. Students who ask a question during the seminar will be required to sign a log sheet to ensure that they receive credit for asking their question.

Students are also expected to read supplementary literature files, which are available on ILIAS, before the respective seminars to gain a broad overview of the topic, which will promote active participation in the discussion. Successful attainment of ECTS credits requires active participation in the discussion and the submission of at least three protocols that summarise the discussion induced by the student. These protocols are to be submitted on ILIAS before the start of the next seminar. Detailed instructions for the Protocols can be found here.

Seminar Schedule

Spring Semester only
Wednesday, 16:15, weekly


BE = Behavioural Ecology
EE = Evolutionary Ecology
THEE = Theoretical Ecology and Evolution


Spring Semester 2023
Date Speaker Title
22.02.2023 Claire Mérot, University of Rennes The role of structural genomic variation in evolution: flies, fish, and general framework
Organiser: C. Peichel (EE)
01.03.2023 Catalina Chaparro Pedraza, EAWAG in Kastanienbaum Tipping points in evolving ecosystems
Organiser: C. Bank (THEE)
08.03.2023 Carolin Sommer-Trembo, University of Basel An integrative investigation of a fundamental behavioural trait and its role in one of the largest adaptive radiations
Organiser: E. Ringler (BE)
15.03.2023 Kelly Zamudio, University of Texas Austin Diversification and Conservation of Neotropical Frogs
Organiser: E. Ringler (BE)
22.03.2023 José Cerca, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Evolutionary Genomics and Ecology of insular adaptive radiations
Organiser: C. Peichel (EE)
29.03.2023 Jens Bast, University of Cologne Genome evolution in the long-term absence of sex
Organiser: C. Peichel (EE)
05.04.2023 Meike Wortel, University of Amsterdam Ecology affecting eco-evolutionary trajectories: The case of cefotaxime resistance in E. coli
Organiser: C. Bank (THEE)
19.04.2023 Yoko Ulrich, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology Social behavior and disease dynamics in clonal ant societies
Organiser: C. Peichel (EE)
26.04.2023 Daven Presgraves, University of Rochester Sex-ratio meiotic drive & speciation in Drosophila
Organiser: C. Bank, C. Peichel (THEE/EE)
03.05.2023 Germán Orizaola, University of Oviedo Eco-evolutionary responses to ionizing radiation in Chornobyl tree frogs
Organiser: C. Peichel (EE)
10.05.2023 Inês Fragata, University of Lisbon Does evolution in a novel environment affect coexistence between species?
Organiser: C. Bank (THEE)
17.05.2023 Petra Sumasgutner, University of Vienna Raptors in a changing world: Understanding the response of predators to increasing urbanization ***ZOOM presentation only***
Organiser: E. Ringler (BE)
24.05.2023 Daniela C. Rößler, University of Konstanz & Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior Sleep diversity–what can we learn from non-model organisms? An eight-legged example
Organiser: E. Ringler (BE)
31.05.2023 Adria LeBoeuf, University of Fribourg The Evolution of Metabolic Division of Labor in Ants
Organiser: C. Bank, E. Ringler (THEE/BE)