Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Lecture Series in Ecology and Evolution

Past Speakers 2019


Autumn Semester 2019
Date Speaker Title
17.09.2019 Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer, Universität Bern, Institut für Pflanzenwissenschaften IPBES and its global and regional assessment reports: trends, drivers, scenarios, and options for nature and people
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
24.09.2019 Prof. Dr. Michel Milinkovitch, Université de Genève Patterning of the vertebrate skin through mechanical and Turing instabilities
Organiser: Prof. Dr. L. Excoffier
01.10.2019 Prof. Dr. Dan Bolnick, University of Connecticut Co-evolutionary Pyrrhic Victory? Cestode resistance entails a costly immune pathology in stickleback
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
08.10.2019 Dr. Janet Kelso, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology The fate of Neandertal DNA in modern humans
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. N. Marchi)
15.10.2019 Dr. Thomas Merckx, Department of Ecology and Genetics, University of Oulu, Finland Urban moths: XL species and specimens
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. K. Zografou)
22.10.2019 Prof. Roger Butlin, University of Sheffield Local adaptation and speciation in Littorina
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. D. Rennison)
29.10.2019 Dr. Patrik Nosil, CEFE, Montpellier Genetic interactions and the dynamics of evolution
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
05.11.2019 Dr. Rodolphe Rougerie, MNHN Paris Novel model for the study of insect diversity and macroecology
Organiser: IEE junior staff (A. Barras)
12.11.2019 Prof. Dr. Christian Kost, Universität Osnabrück Is metabolic cooperation within microbial communities inevitable?
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. S. Engelhardt)
19.11.2019 Dr. Julia Schwarzer, Zoological Research Museum Alexander König, Bonn The untapped potential of Sulawesi Ricefishes - threatened diversity, speciation and a complex innovation
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. D. Marques)
26.11.2019 Prof. Dr. Gernot Segelbacher, University of Freiburg, Germany How conservation can benefit from using genetic tools
Organiser: Prof. Dr. R. Arlettaz
03.12.2019 Dr. Alice Mouton, Université de Liège, Belgien Rat poison and bobcats: application of gene expression in a natural population
Organiser: PD Dr. A. Grill
10.12.2019 Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen What we know and what we dont know about processes involved in exceptionally fast origins of large adaptive radiations
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
17.12.2019 Exam

Spring Semester 2019
Date Speaker Title
19.02.2019 Prof. Jeff McKinnon, East Carolina University, USA Color Pattern Evolution in the Threespine Stickleback: Widening the Field of View
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
26.02.2019 Prof. Joan Strassman, Washington University in St. Louis Who is in charge in the Dictyostelium - Burkholderia microbial symbiosis?
Organiser: Prof. Dr. M. Taborsky
05.03.2019 PD Dr. Jean-Yves Humbert, IEE Assessing the value of agri-environment schemes for biodiversity: current status and opportunities
Organiser: Prof. Dr. R. Arlettaz
12.03.2019 no seminar
19.03.2019 Prof. Åke Lindström, University of Lund What 4000 km of line transects, annually, tell us about how land-use and climate change affect Swedish birds.
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Arnaud Barras)
26.03.2019 Prof. Eva Millesi, Universität Wien The role of energy reserves in hibernating small mammals
Organiser: PD Dr. A. Grill
02.04.2019 Dr. Anna Runemark, Lund University, Sweden Selection against incompatible derived alleles mold hybrid genomes
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. David Marques)
09.04.2019 Prof. Joachim Hermisson, University of Vienna Adaptation in polygenic traits: Conditions and criteria for sweeps and shifts
Organiser: Prof. Dr. C. Peichel
16.04.2019 Prof. Sebastian Bonhoeffer, Theoretical Biology, Institute of Integrative Biology (IBZ), ETH Zurich A dynamical perspective on the evolution of antibiotic resistance
Organiser: Prof. Dr. L. Excoffier
30.04.2019 Dr. Josefa González, Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (CSIC-UPF) The role of natural transposable element insertions in stress response
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. Kimberly Gilbert)
07.05.2019 Prof. Seirian Sumner, University College London Social wasps and social genes: Realising Tinbergen’s Dream
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. Sacha Engelhardt)
14.05.2019 Prof. Michael Richie, St. Andrews University Sexual selection, speciation and genomic divergence
Organiser: IEE junior staff (Dr. Diana Rennison)
21.05.2019 Prof. Matt Knope, University of Hawaii in Hilo Comparative study of adaptive radiations on the Hawaiian archipelago
Organiser: Prof. Dr. O. Seehausen
28.05.2019 Exam