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The ombudspersons are independent and neutral sources of help and advice, who can mediate in conflicts between employees, colleagues and their superiors. The ombudspersons are bound to observe confidentiality; conflicts are treated confidentially. The Institute Director serves as the official ombudsperson of the IEE, but anyone who feels unfairly treated or hurt concerning IEE matters can turn to any of the appropriate ombudspersons listed below:

Postdocs and PhD students 

MSc and BSc students

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The IEE strives to be a respectful, inclusive, and discrimination-free environment. We do not tolerate racism in any form. The University of Bern offers resources and information about racism, as well as support for anyone who has experienced racism. These resources can be found here.

Where to report observed or experienced instances of racism and harassment

This is to let you know that there are new instruments in place for victims and observers to report instances of racism and harassment anonymously:

  1. The university has launched a website with info on the university’s current campaign against racism. It includes an email address to report and get help in instances of racism (non-anonymously, although your report will be kept confidential for as long as you like), and a link to a form (in several languages) to report anonymously:
  2. The city of Bern has an ongoing campaign in which you can report instances of any kind of harassment anywhere in town (as victim or observer):

Note that anonymous reports cannot be used to invoke actions against (named) harassers, and it does not allow the receivers of the reports to reach out to the victims to offer help. However, these reports may pinpoint hotspots and patterns that can then be followed up with targeted actions. Moreover, any sincere report contributes to highlighting that more work needs to be done to make everyone feel safe at this university and in this city.